Quick Start Guide to Organizing a Technology Drive – English & Spanish

This is a Quick Start Resource Guide for organizing a local technology drive.

The Case for Donating

About 75% of the fossil fuels and energy used by a computer are actually consumed during manufacturing. Extending the computer’s lifespan through reuse means more return on that initial environmental cost. Every computer dumped into a landfill represents a missed opportunity to provide technology to individuals and organizations across the digital divide. Donating is suitable for relatively new (no more than 7 years old) and repairable equipment.

Did You Know? 

When you discard a 5-pound laptop, you throw away 20,000 pounds of raw materials used to make it. Even if a computer cannot be reused, recycling ensures valuable raw materials are recovered from used computers and any waste is disposed of in an environmentally sound fashion. For a quick start guide on organizing a technology drive in your community, click the images below.

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