Benefits of Purchasing a Refurbished Computer – English & Spanish

A refurbished computer is not the same as purchasing a used computer from an individual. A used item is a pre-owned product typically sold directly from the previous owner without any inspections or review prior to resale. Purchasing a used computer might save money, but you also take a big risk on unidentified issues. A refurbished device is a pre-owned product that has been evaluated, cleaned, repaired, upgraded, and resold. For computers and mobile phones, these products also have data wiped and drives restored to the factory settings.

In the case of computers provided by Digitunity’s nonprofit refurbisher AFTRR members, your refurbished computer may also come with new software loaded, extended warranties, and be coupled with training resources and security software as well. From the reusability of existing technology to an in-depth review and analysis of the computer, a refurbished computer may be the ideal solution. For reasons why purchasing a refurbished computer is a good choice, download our flyer by clicking on the images below.

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