Network Resources

Network Resources

Device Essentials for Digital Equity

Device ownership is the cornerstone of digital equity. A wide range of device-related issues must be considered to achieve digital equity.

Sustainable Device Ecosystem Metholodogy

Digitunity has released new guidance outlining the key elements and conditions that must be in place to ensure affordable devices and related support are available

Rural Communities & Digital Device Ownership

Research shows that internet access and use increases rural economic and community development. However, rural areas are at a disadvantage when it comes to providing

Demystifying Your Device

Computers are an essential tool for living in our interconnected world. This guide describes a computer’s individual components and their functions, in clear, accessible language. You

We Bought Computers, Now What?

By providing devices, you make a significant contribution to digital inclusion. There are several considerations when preparing to receive and deliver technology. In this resource,

10-City Survey Info Session

Digitunity, in partnership with Visible Network Labs, launched a survey to identify organizations working to advance digital equity in 10 cities across the U.S. to

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